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Microbond Hair System

By Modere

Hair is only as strong as its bonds. Now build them up to 3X stronger with Modere CellProof MicroBond Hair System. Award-winning, patented FiberHance™ and BioCell Collagen®


After using this product for the first time, I was amazed at how my hair felt after only one wash, It felt smooth and silky without having to blow dry or straighten my hair. Anyway  I just wanted to share this with you because I know that this product has significantly improved the look and feel of my hair and you really need to experience it to believe it!

I have created this little site to provide some information about the product and, as an added bonus,

If you decide to purchase via my site you will receive an extra discount at checkout, all you have to do is click the buy now button and you will be redirected to the official Modere Website where you can purchase this product and many others.


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Tell me about it

Hair is only as strong as its bonds. Now build them up to 3X stronger with Modere CellProof MicroBond Hair System. Award-winning, patented FiberHance™ and BioCell Collagen® CG micromolecules deliver a 360˚ approach to healthy-looking hair, alongside potent botanicals like yerba santa bioflavonoids and pea peptide. Help build the most abundant hair bonds, maintain existing bonds, balance the scalp surface, and promote thicker, fuller looking locks in just one use.† Modere CellProof MicroBond Hair System features a lightweight, clean rinse shampoo and conditioner perfect for all hair types so you can look as vibrant as you feel.


Up to 3X stronger, plus 89% smoother, 86% fewer split ends, 63% less breakage. Lab tested to deliver results in just one wash.

Benefits include;

  • Strengthens hair up to 3X

  • Improves hair smoothness and manageability by 89%

  • Repairs split ends by 86%

  • Reduces breakage by 63%

  • Builds and supports strong hair bonds

  • Clarifies, hydrates, moisturizes and conditions

  • Helps balance the scalp surface

  • Promotes fuller, thicker looking hair

  • Helps seal hair cuticles

  • Promotes hair elasticity and shine

  • Reduces frizz



  • Award-winning, patented FiberHance™

  • Award-winning, patented BioCell Collagen® CG

  • Yerba santa bioflavonoids, chlorella, laminaria, pea peptide, panthenol + biotin

  • Botanical citrus + mint aroma

  • Clean-rinse formula

  • SLS/SLES-free, paraben-free

  • Safe for colour-treated hair


   Whats inside? click here to find out.

Still not sure?

What makes Modere CellProof hair care different from other shampoos and conditioners?

CellProof hair care is scientifically formulated to build new hair bonds and strengthen damaged hair up to 3X.* It features FiberHance™ bond-multiplying technology and BioCell Collagen® CG, tested to improve smoothness and manageability by 89%, reduce split ends by 86% and reduce breakage by 63%.

What hair types is Modere CellProof hair care for?
CellProof hair care is formulated for all hair types. Specifically, it nourishes damaged hair and supports hair regularly exposed to heat styling, environmental damage, colour treatments and even hair affected by the ageing process

What types of hair bonds does Modere CellProof hair care target?

CellProof hair care supports all 3 primary types of hair bonds: hydrogen, ionic and disulfide. Specifically, it is shown to build new hydrogen and ionic bonds — the most fragile and abundant hair bonds — while helping maintain disulfide bonds

What is FiberHance™ bond-multiplying technology and how does it work?

FiberHance is an award-winning, patented bond multiplier consisting of two different small glucose molecules shown to build new hydrogen and ionic bonds, for hair that’s up to 3X stronger than untreated hair.

What is BioCell Collagen™ CG and how does it work?

BioCell Collagen CG is an award-winning, patented single-source matrix of cosmetic grade collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. It undergoes a patented Bio-Optimized™ process to create micromolecules that promote healthy-looking hair and nourish hair strands and the scalp surface.


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