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Phatt Diet Reviews


Fantastic gut health and weight loss program. The meal plans are very easy to follow. I have maintained a healthy gut and have stayed within 3kg of my main target weight.

- Joanne

The Phatt Program has changed my life and taught me how to eat properly and keep the weight off. I have lost 16 Kgs and have kept it off!

- Emma

I decided to take a leap of faith after reading about this amazing weight loss program, and I thank my lucky stars to this day that I did.
My Mentor Kat was fantastic and helped me throughout the program and kept me accountable. I have lost 25Kgs to date.

- Jane H

Phatt NZ | water

I had trouble sticking to previous weight loss programs and was never able to keep my weight off until now, Phatt has taught me how to eat healthy, heal my gut and lose weight. I was finally able to lose those stubborn 18kgs.

- Danielle K

I've tried a few diets in the past with some success, but then I came across this program and my wife and I decided to give it ago together. Best decision ever! The Program is so easy to follow and doing it with my partner kept us both on track. Not to mention our mentor Kat who always had encouraging words for us every single day. To this day my wife and I have both lost a combined weight of 43 kgs.

- David & Janine R

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