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Australian Nutrition Pack

Pack only available for Australian Residents

Full Pack

For quicker results and optimal overall nutritional support, the Full Pack contains everything you need to start the Phatt Program. 

Ph@tt specific core group of Modere nutritional products essential for your 30-day program.

Ph@tt approved foods lists. Step 1,2 & 3.

Ph@tt Meal plans, Step 2 & 3. Vegetarian meal plans also available.

Ph@tt products and nutrition routine. 

Access to our Members Only Facebook Ph@tt community groups.

Access to our Members Only Facebook Ph@tt recipes group.

From $AUD




One Off

Signup today and receive $10 off your first order

( Please note above pricing does not include step 3 maintenance products. Program pricing may vary due to stock availability. Should an item be out of stock at the time, we will substitute the out of stock item with another alternative supplement. This will not effect your  weight loss)

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