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In the News!!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

PH@TT is hitting the news and is growing so rapidly.

This is Katerina's story.. hitting the magazine That's Life

Katerina's inspirational story is on how she has completely changed her life thanks to this amazing program and how she has lost 60kilos and has drastically changed her life.

Phatt It is a gut health program designed in three easy stages, it has been designed to balance your hormones during the detox phase and to teach your body to lose weight. We rest and repair your gut by Mono-eating, we have modified calories in our 2nd stage and it is sustained with the best nutrition on the market, which gives you the best minerals and vitamins which are missing from today's foods. You get increased energy levels and sleep better.

Thanks to Putting Health at the top (Phatt) I have personally lost 15kilos in less than three months and have felt amazing within myself.

Join me today for your success story!.

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