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The 5 Day Drop!

Hi, my name is Kat and I am so glad you found this post because, like me, you were probably looking for some help to drop some unwanted weight.

Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up, a wedding, a day at the beach planned, or you're looking to jumpstart things and create momentum with your transformation goals.

Well, you are in luck! I recently found this amazing new diet called


The 5 Day Drop

During The 5 Day Diet, you'll get clear guidance on what to eat and when.

You'll use an easy-to-follow guide


✔️ Have an optional group for support

✔️ Infuse your body with our select powerful combo of ingredients to help your body release toxins and support your energy levels during the 5 days.

Read on to learn more about this amazing new diet and see for yourself the results people have had.

Best Regards


Tell me about it

When it comes to weight loss & fat loss, our society has overcomplicated the basics to the point that most people are paralyzed by where to start.


What makes the 5 Day Drop guaranteed & predictable is that it's a return to simplicity.


You and I can do anything for 5 Days!


We just need to know what to do.


With this program, we remove all the guess work and show you exactly what to eat and when to help you lose weight.


You'll also have powerful nutritional support tools to help you during the 5 days with your energy, hydrations, minerals, & more


Along with a supportive community which is statistically proven to help a human go further and reach their goals!


What are the benefits of the 5 day drop

There are certain times throughout the day that are ideal times to eat and we're going to target those times in order to fire up your metabolism and help your body release the 4 types of stubborn weight:

  • Water weight

  • ​Puffiness

  • ​Digestive Bulk

  • ​Fat weight

So if you want to 

  • Increase overall energy & alertness 

  • Decrease ⇣ body fat & unwanted inches

  • Support lean muscle tissue 

  • ​Decrease puffiness & bloat 

  • ​Enhance a healthy glow in appearance

Then this is the diet for you!


What's in the Pack

Your Guide Includes:

  • Program Overview

  • Nutritional Support Components

  • 5 Day Meal Plan by Top Nutrition Experts

  • ​Food & Portion Guide

  • ​Custom Results Tracker & Mentoring


Still not sure? Check out these results.


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